Uganda NORTH

October 5-17, 2020




About this Project

Beauty for Ashes

We will be serving Beauty for Ashes by ministering to local villages. We will work along side village “mommas” and experience all aspects of village life; from farming and market life to attending literacy classes.

Saving Grace Uganda

We seek to follow Christ’s example in feeding, clothing and discipline the least of the least in northern Uganda. We provide hope and stability to street children, who do not have anyone to care for them and are in desperate situations. Local Ugandans and American volunteers work together as a team to rescue orphaned children out of the atrocity that is street life and provide them with a home, education, medical care, advocacy and most importantly, God’s healing love. These children who once had no hope are now thriving with hopeful futures. Whole communities are being changed as street children who once had to steal to eat are now becoming contributing members of their society.

Meeting Dates:

Deposit Due: April 1st

Retreat Date: April 4th

Meeting Dates:

April 27th

May 11th

June 1st

Packing Party: September 28th 2020



  • Must be able to meet all payment deadlines

  • Must attend all team meetings, including team retreat day